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Customer feedback

Hank received a wonderfully soft fleece suit from Karvaton, precisely tailored to his measurements. The collar is the perfect length and shaped to keep his delicate ears protected from the cold. It stays in place well and doesn't slip down his neck! Hank is a large Peruvian Hairless Dog. The fleece suit we ordered was size 55cm, leaving a little room to breathe and not too tight. A great purchase.

At the same time, we also ordered a tail warmer size 35cm. It fits well, although it requires a bit of getting used to for the user.

Saija Ahonen

A custom-made overall that fits the dog really well. The material is dense fleece, and the zipper on the back makes it easy to put on. Ordering was easy, the measurement instructions were precise, the overall arrived on time as promised, and the whole process was hassle-free and pleasant!

Ilona Sankkila

The product was high-quality; I've already washed it several times. The overall was true to size, the collar was long enough and made so that it doesn't slip into the eyes and stays in place. The delivery was fast, which is a big plus. I will continue to use the services in the future.

High-quality clothes, always received exactly what I ordered. Fast delivery. An additional plus is that they also offer larger sizes. Highly recommend!

Anu Saalasti

I ordered a custom-made overall for my whippet and I have been really satisfied. Juuli also agreed to make some adjustments to the overall after the first fitting to make it perfect for our whippet. Such good and fast service, I will definitely order from her again in the future.

Karita Karamaa

Absolutely lovely clothes with proportions that fit well. Nice patterns and well-made clothes. My mom and brother already have several suits from the Karvaton Dog Clothing Store for their hairless butts, and I plan to order suits for our girls from here as well. 🩷

Anna Vilppunen

Clothes suitable for whippets, and custom-made options if needed. Long collars are a big plus, and also covering the ears.

Niina Heikkilä

Lovely patterns on the fabrics and fast delivery. A big Peruvian boy was really happy.

Saija Huhtala

Hey! I bought a fleece overall for Sasse, which was absolutely fantastic! And then I also got a hat made of the same material; what a great outfit! Durable clothing for our adventures.

Noora Sirén

Hei! I bought a pink softshell jacket from you. I am extremely satisfied with it, and the dogs like it too. The jacket is neat and well-made, and the fit is suitable for my hairless dogs. Purchasing was also easy. I'm already planning new clothing purchases. I recommend it.

Marjukka Vilppunen

High-quality craftsmanship and excellent value for money. Comprehensive selection, and the sizes fit well for Bedlington Terriers.

Piia Järvinen

Lyyli, who is always chilly, is happy with the wonderfully soft neck warmer, which can also be pulled over her ears to keep warm when it's cold. In addition, the product arrived quickly and seems to be of high quality. I will definitely order again in the future.

Iida Peltonen

Good and high-quality clothes that allow the dog to move comfortably. Thanks also for the excellent customer service!

Annika Saar

Beautiful patterns, a wide range, and fast delivery.

Kitte Sandström

We ordered lovely mosquito suits for our Galgos from here. Good service and fast delivery!

Emmi Lehtonen

The jersey overall is beautiful and well-fitting, and surprisingly easy to put on as well. It provides good protection against insects and keeps warm on cool summer evenings.

Liisa Ikonen

Great selection, lots of options to choose from, and the prices are really good too. I appreciate domestic craftsmanship.

Marisa Heinström

Fast delivery and high-quality clothes.

Jenni Sarlomo