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Size labels

Each product description includes a size chart. If you're unsure about the right size, please contact us. You can also see from the product images what size has been purchased for each breed.

Explanations of size labels

S = The length of the back of the garment (from the withers to the hem for jackets, from the withers to the base of the tail for overalls)

RY = The circumference of the garment's chest (for jackets, the ideal size of the dog's chest circumference)

KY = The circumference of the garment's neck

KP = The length of the collar measured from the top of the collar.

L = The length of the sleeve measured from the front leg's armpit to the ankle, the back leg's sleeve is the same length. All measurements are provided in centimeters.

The sizing is specific to the collection

The garment you purchase from me may not necessarily match the measurements of a garment purchased from another store with the same size label. This is something to consider when making purchases.

Ready-made garment sizes

The size of ready-made garments in stock is stated in the product description. The size may differ from the size of custom-made garments for some items.

Which size should you buy?

Generously stretchy garments (jersey, college fabric)

Purchase a size that is closest to your dog's measurements. Your dog's measurements can be slightly larger than the suit's measurements; there doesn't need to be any 'room to move.' The garment will stretch with wear and start to sag if it's too big. Check the comparison images at the bottom of the page.

Slightly stretchy/non-stretchy garments (everything except jersey and college fabric)

Purchase a size with enough room to move comfortably. In a garment that's too small, the dog may find it difficult to move naturally. A garment that's too small may also strain at the seams.

Appropriate room to move

The larger the dog, the more room to move.

  • In slightly stretchy garments, such as fleece clothing, the appropriate allowance for the neck circumference is a few centimeters, and for the chest circumference, it's approximately 5-15 cm.

  • In non-stretchy garments (softshell, linen, padded clothing), the appropriate allowance for the neck circumference is approximately 5-15 cm, and for the chest circumference, it's around 10-25 cm.

Sizes and breeds

The table includes example breeds for each garment size. Breeds are indicative; please measure your dog before purchasing.

"Example breeds corresponding to garment sizes"
"Example breeds corresponding to garment sizes"


From the pictures, you can see where to measure your dog when choosing the right size. The waist circumference in overalls should be such that the suit can be pulled over the front legs and pulled over the chest.

Videos on how to put on

In the video, I'll demonstrate how to put on overalls in a way that is as comfortable as possible for the dog.